Chinese Zodiacs 12 (CZ12) Exhibition at Artotel Surabaya

March 8, 2018


Styling by Nadia Nathania
Photographed by Syafrizal Moe
Hair and Make Up by Bima Chang
Illustrated by Oki Dimas Mahendra

The Fane Official

September 30, 2017


Photography C Photography / Styling Nadia Nathania / Hair & Make Up Theanne Doris / Wardrobe The Fane Official / Talent Tirzah Budiman


June 9, 2017


“Love is like a batik created from many emotional colors, it is a fabric whose pattern and brightness may vary.”

Art direction and styling by Nadia Nathania
Photography by Sonia Anggriawan
Hair and make-up by Ayu Limono
Batik by Anastasia Niti

Frida Kahlo

March 24, 2017


Art direction & Styling by Nadia Nathania / Photography by Sonia Anggriawan / Hair & Make-up by Ayu Limono / Wardrobe by Anastasia Niti Santoso

Chinese New Year Collaboration

January 31, 2017


Project “Nonik Surabaya” is a visual satire of Chinese Indonesians living in Surabaya, typically aged 17 to 35 years old.

This project started off with the Nadia Nathania’s (art director and fashion stylist) hobby to occasionally look up about her hometown, Surabaya, as she spent her Bachelor’s and Master’s abroad - just simply missing home, she googled Surabaya. This led her to finding tweets years ago by food blogger Jiewa Vieri with the famous hashtag #TipeNonikSurabaya.

For someone who’s lived in 4 different countries, as Nathania has encountered different Indonesians from different cities. And most times, Indonesians abroad that she’s met will also make some “comments” about Chinese Surabaya girls. Either the fabulous hair, the very “unique” a.k.a. medok accent, the branded bags, etc. or simply just the culture that makes them bring themselves the way they do. 

Think about it, have you encountered people who want to buy things that look very expensive at a very, very cheap price? Not just that, they still negotiate to lower the price! Have you met anyone who’s posted fine-dining plates on Instagram but her real love is for street food, like cakwe udang or sioke and siobak? Have you met people who buy fake branded items and call it “original”?

So in order to welcome Chinese New Year 2017 (this photoshoot was done in 2017), Nathania collaborated with photographer Sonia Anggriawan, make up artist Ayu Limono and fashion model Tirzah Budiman and created these pictures at a place, no other than Surabaya’s very own Chinatown - Pasar Atom. 

Nathania herself is a Nonik Surabaya. Very proud of where she comes from and especially her “funny” accent which resulted in her struggling to fit in with other Indonesians during her first year abroad. But she wishes Chinese Surabayans (some, not all) to appreciate other things that are not too materialistic. 

Art Direction & Styling by Nadia Nathania.
Photography by Sonia Anggriawan.
Hair & Make-up by Ayu Limono.
Modeled by Tirzah Budiman from GNG Models.
Wardrobe supported by Boba Babe, Flomors, Gema Label.