Yuki Ona For Estela Mag

October 2, 2016

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Inspired by the Japanese folklore “Yuki Onna”, translating to Snow Woman, this editorial focuses on the three traits of the famed yokai: being sultry, lonely, and fierce. As this mystical spirit roams the Japanese snow mountains and feeds on traveling men, the presentation focuses on highlighting the creature’s traditional traits as well as giving it a more modern approach. Respectively, each shade of color in the pictures are mere symbolisms of Yuki Onna’s retelling, with white representing the snow, blue representing the cold, and red representing the blood of her victims.
Photographer Reinhardt Kenneth | Art Director Nadia Nathania | Makeup & Hair Artist Shelley Sebastian | Stylist Julius Juan | Manicurist Kiki Coroline | Model Ivonne Fergie Torres (R2M Model Management)

Into the gloss

August 26, 2016


I’m from Surabaya, Indonesia. Once I tell people they’re like, ‘Oh of course you’re from Surabaya; that makes sense. I can hear it from the way you talk.’ I guess I am your typical Surabaya kind-of-girl-with-my-very-distinctive-accent. My hometown is very laid back, we all wear sandals and pair it up with nice clothes to go to the mall – a little bit of makeup, no such formal shoes. Everything there is pretty laid back.

I’m 21 now and I went to the University of Nottingham where I studied English Language and Literature for my bachelor’s degree (did you know I graduated with a cum laude? *show off*). Now I’m about to go back to Nottingham University for my masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (I also got a scholarship for my masters *show off again*), I think…that should be the full degree title. My first week of second semester was after the ‘We Can Cure’ ad campaign by Reinhardt Kenneth came out (I think at that time we were trying to submit it a Canadian magazine…totally forgot the name) and no…I wasn’t naked in the pictures. I had nude clothes on and were given a piece of pink ribbon to represent people who are suffering cancer and to tell them a message that they are beautiful no matter what. It was something that I had never done before and I was really excited to work with my long time friend, Kenneth.

I am now a part-time fashion blogger and freelance fashion writer, also art/creative director and stylist sometimes. Deep down, always a writer at heart. Growing up, I never really thought of doing things like this. Obviously I had dreams of becoming – uhm – I guess I wasn’t too sure about I wanted but anyways, I’ve always wanted to inspire others and be a blessing for others, too. I guess my biggest supporters when it comes to doing what I love are obviously my family and friends I guess. They just make things happen and believe in me more than I believe in myself, which encourages me to have bigger goals. Like writing for Diana Putri for her Couture Fashion Week New York… I mean what?! That was one heck of a very valuable moment in my career as a fashion writer. I now also write for an online luxury fashion destination Gee Luxury, they're a big deal and I'm thankful to part of their team (kind of?). I also did the art direction for a collaboration shoot with Reinhardt Kenneth, Shelly Suryadarma, Kiky Handoko and Julius Toh which ended up getting an editorial feature on HUF magazine.

It’s funny because in real life you’ll see me at school or going grocery shopping or studying or writing my essays in the library or a nearby coffee shop or in the gym (most of the time) – I admit I am pretty anti-social that way (LOL) - in like boyfriend or skinny jeans or shorts and a t-shirt and Nike sneakers. I’m not really one to put on a push-up bra or short shorts or tight little mini dresses, I get all of that out with work when I style myself to show my audience what’s the trend and how to style this and that, obviously. That’s how I use up my girly-girl side; I’m not as feminine in my everyday life. You could say I am pretty tomboy-ish. I like being edgy, something like that.

T-shirt: Forever 21. Shorts: Pull & Bear. Sneakers: Yeezy. Bag: The Short List.

I’m really competitive and I have to say, I am really ambitious when it comes to getting what I want in terms of my academic goals or career or life goals. Anyways, my mom was an athlete – I try to be one (wink) I used to be the laziest person ever and never wanted to work out but since the beginning last year (2015), I’ve changed a lot and now working out slash training is pretty fun for me. My trainer will tell me my previous records in the gym and I’ll have to beat the-day-before record by the end of the day or I won’t leave. #everydayigetBETTER

I love love love living a healthy life. I will always try to make a weekly meal plan and stick it on my room’s wall but sometimes…I just need to cheat a little. I always try to make my own food all the time but if I have to eat outside, I’ll always have something with veggies. And I never skip eating vegetables or fruits or drinking my juice. That’s something that I just have to do everyday. My weaknesses are burgers, French fries, fried chicken and pizza. Recently though, I have gone vegan and that didn’t work so now I’m pretty much a pesco-vegetarian and try my best to avoid dairy and poultry products.

I don’t wash my hair every day, which is what keeps it healthy because that way it doesn’t dry out. I dyed my hair by myself – my friends helped me but it caused my hair to be dry. So I’m trying to not to dye it again – the temptation is real! It’s pretty low-maintenance way to be black – way easier than having to go to the salon all the time. I only go every six months or so, at the end of the every semester. I cut my hair or perm it – depends on my mood. I wash my face with the stuffs from The Body Shop. I love their tea tree collection – it’s good for my blemished skin. I also mix it with a couple of stuffs from Clinique, like the moisturizer, dark skin corrector, serum, etc.

My go-to everyday make-up. Takes no longer than 10 minutes.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream in 01.
L’Oreal Paris Faux Cils Papillon Waterproof
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner
Pond’s Complete Solution Pimple Cover & Care
MAC Brow Shader
Urban Decay Naked 2
Naked Flushed (Native)
Chanel Rouge Coco China 74 Parfait
MAC Amplified Chatter Box
The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner
La Tulipe Acne Prone skin Acne Loose Powder

Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser mouse
Clinique take the day off cleansing milk
The Body Shop Skin Clearing Facial Wash
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil / Blemish Gel
The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector
Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Defense

Overall...I’ve been really blessed my entire life and I’m very thankful how my life has turned out. It’s definitely has its ups and downs but I’ve learned a lot and I want to learn to be better everyday. I want to be a better person and hope to inspire others and also be a blessing towards others. That’s probably it. 

Garuda pictures by Reinhardt Kenneth.
Product pictures from The Body Shop and Clinique.

HER-cules editorial feature on HUF magazine

August 25, 2016


In our modern world today, you would think that the society is equal, that it is no more a man’s world and that the belief of equality is already implemented in people’s mind. But think again… the reactions that the people give to alpha females like Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou or other modern-day Joan of Arc-like female figures are, sadly, most of the time still negative. Joan of Arc was punished for the likes of "witchcraft" in the sense of intuition, and dressing in a more masculine but technical way as she was a warrior. Instead of treating these strong women with the dignity and respect they deserve, the world sees them as how they once saw the powerful witches of Salem as a threat not a community asset. It is also unfortunate that alpha females are depicted as aliens who have a possibility to invade the earth. Throughout our work photo shoot, our team is probably just another bunch of creative people who are producing a work of art, hoping to once again remind the society of equality between both genders. The title "HER-cules" shows how a Her can overpower even the power of hercules with passion, love, and hard work. However, what is different this time is that we are using an everyday platform such as fashion and an editorial spread in a fashion magazine to inspire the society that the attire we wear may be an expression of identity but it is also our armor of showing that men and women both dress up, both should be able to read if handed over with an issue of Vogue, both work and get the same salary, bottom line... men are equal to women. We are one. The Brief, being "The Future Belongs to the Outsiders" takes a feminist view on women empowerment in a glamorous sense. That the feminine can be depicted as strong as it's studs but also as delicate as it's motion chiffon. That a modern day HER-cules really can battle in her 6-inch heels. 

Overall, this shoot was amazing. I don't think no other words can explain what an honor it is to be part of this and to work with a dream team of the best, most artistic and creative people in each of their own field. I can only say thank you for trusting me as the art/creative director!

Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth
Art direction: Nadia Nathania
Hair & Make-up: Shelley Suryadarma
Nail Art: Kiky Handoko
Styling: Julius Toh
Wardrobe: Diana Couture
Accessories: G. Liem
Model: Herra Eya