We Can Cure

February 20, 2014


We can cure. Heartbreaks. And whatever else, right? But not cancer. Well, not yet. I did this shots to help out my dearest friend, Reinhardt Kenneth of The Photographic Sense to try and submit these beautiful photos to a Canadian magazine called "Refashion Magazine". 

We shot these photos to try to send a to those who are struggling, suffering but still fighting for their lives as they are battling away their cancer diseases. Most people who are suffering from cancer do chemotherapy which causes baldness... but don't worry. Bald is bold... and bold is beautiful. You are beautiful the way you are. No matter what. So yeah, that is basically what this photoshoot's message adds up to. And remember, you are loved.

X o x o.

Photos by Reinhardt Kenneth.
Make-up by Shelley Suryadarma.