What is your style personality?

August 26, 2014

To begin with, I have had an amazing weekend! I attended my church's women conference. It was called "Made Over" - a platform for us women to be physically, mentally and spiritually made over. 

One of the sessions during the conference taught the audience about hair and make up, as well as style. It was really interesting when the fashion stylists explained about "style personality". Basically, your personality affects your style and you express yourself through style.

There are six different style personalities according to the stylists. Classics, Trendies, Dramatics, Naturals, Romantics and Creatives. The question is... which category do you belong in?

Do take this quiz that I have "stolen" from The Chic Fashionista (due to the fact that I lost the real questionnaire, sorry about that) which will help you determine your style personality. And remember, you can always have a secondary style personality based on the count of the As/Bs/Cs/Ds/Es/Fs. Enjoy!

Quiz from The Chic Fashionista. 

Question 1.

Your personality is often a strong indicator of your fashion persona. For example, a timid, soft-spoken personality usually gravitates towards delicate, romantic pieces. An adventurous and relaxed gal would most likely dress casual and sportier, probably more urban than the other fashionistas. 

Select the attributes that best describe your personality:
Fashion Style Quiz - What's Your Personality? 
Fashion Style Quiz - What's Your Personality? pt2

Question 2.

Accessories are said to be the window to the fashionista's soul. An accessory adds interest and character, which are strong indicators of your fashion persona. 

What type of accessories dominates your wardrobe?
Fashion Style Quiz - What type of accessories dominate your closet?
a. Pearls, simple stud earrings, crystal chain necklaces and bracelets, as well as sleek belts and polished shoes.b. The latest fashion shoes, from platform sandals to eye-popping ankle booties. Trendy, statement jewelry and sunglasses; sassy belts and bags.c. Cuff bracelets, statement necklaces, oversized rings. And also sleek designer handbags and shoes.
Fashion Style Quiz - What type of accessories dominate your closet? pt2
d. Canvas sneakers and loafers, simple pendant necklaces, hobo handbags, natural shell and bone jewelry.e. Vintage-inspired jewelry such as charm bracelets and necklaces, vintage-inspired purses, headbands.f. It's a mix of everything. But you'll mostly find quirky, eclectic and fun statement accessories like colored sunglasses, cool hats, print scarves and bags - as well as layered necklaces and stacked bracelets & rings

Question 3.

Imagine you won a gift card from various clothing stores to put together your dream outfit. 

Your dream outfit would be similar to:
Fashion Style Quiz - Which outfit appeals to you?
a. Breton top, chino pants, skinny belt with matching leather tote bag, pearl necklace and neutral sandalsb. Romper, cropped leather jacket, chunky platform sandals, trendy earrings, studded clutch pursec. Jumpsuit, statement necklace, sleek patent clutch purse, Louboutin open toe pumps
Fashion Style Quiz - Which outfit appeals to you? pt2
d. Casual white jeans with a chambray shirt, simple pendant necklace, rope bracelet, messenger bag and a pair of leather sandalse. Pretty dress, vintage-inspired purse, peep toe sandals, simple stud earrings, charm chain braceletf. Print dress, bright-colored blazer, quirky sunglasses, fun platform sandals, layers of necklace and an exotic snake print clutch purse

Question 4.

It's time to update your shoe closet and you head to your favorite shoe store. 

What type of shoes catches your eye?
Fashion Style Quiz - What shoes do you prefer?
a. Simple pumps, ballerina flats, riding boots. I like footwear in neutrals, but if I want to draw attention to my legs I may look for shoes in a bright color such as red or yellow.b. Platform sandals and booties, usually anything in the "Newest Arrivals" section. Designer sneakers (Adidas, Converse, etc.). But I'll most likely be also drawn to trendy shoes with a little bit of edge, like studs and lots of black leather. Psychedelic color-block pumps and sandals. Statement pumpsc. Designer(-inspired) pumps, stilettos, peep toe high heels, sleek knee boots and ankle booties
Fashion Style Quiz - What shoes do you prefer? pt 2
d. Comfort is very important to me. So I usually look for canvas sneakers, flats, simple leather sandals and casual bootse. Vintage-inspired footwear such as oxfords, court pumps and cute print flats (floral, polka dots, gingham, etc.). Open toe pumps and wedge sandalsf. Anything colorful, bold and unique. But I'll also look at quirky, vintage-inspired footwear. Such as oxfords or anything that reflects a past-era. Casual slouch boots. Shoe styles with some ethnic flavor to them such as snake/croc print, Ikat/Batik and floral.

Question 5.

Where you shop is another strong telltale sign of your dominant fashion persona. 

So if you were to win a closet makeover from 5 of your favorite stores, which ones would that be?
Fashion Style Quiz - Where do you shop? 
Fashion Style Quiz - Where do you shop? pt 2

Question 6.

The inspiration we get for our outfits are usually "Channeled" from outside influences such as fashion magazines, celebs and fashion icons. 

Which famous celebrity fashionistas would you say you look up to in terms of style?
Fashion Style Quiz - Who's celeb fashionista's style do you look up to?
a. Victoria Beckham, Coco Chanel, Ashley Olsen, Kate Middleton, Anne Hathawayb. Blake Lively, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessica Albac. Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian, Dita von Teese, Anna Wintour, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Fashion Style Quiz - Who's celeb fashionista's style do you look up to? pt 2
d. Jennifer Aniston, Giselle Bundchen, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Julia Robertse. Eva Mendes, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, Naomi Watts, Rachel McAdams,f. Solange, Agyness Deyn, Whitney Port, Michelle Williams, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Zoe Kravitz

Question 7.

They say that your favorite colors tell what kind of person you are, and in this case, it can be a strong indicator of your dominant clothing personality which could be tied in to your coloring and what colors look good on you. 

What are your favorite colors?
Fashion Style Quiz - What colors do you prefer?
a. Neutrals, black, whites. I like monochromatic color combinations and I might throw in a subtle pop of color to keep it interestingb. I like bold, fun and girly colors such as pinks, bright blues, reds, orange and yellow. I love black in all kinds of different textures (patent, suede, etc.) as well as fun and trendy color-blocksc. I like colors that represent authority. I usually stick to two-tone color combination for a simple but dramatic look such as black on white, red on black. I also creating a style impact with one dress in a bold color such as red or purple
Fashion Style Quiz - What colors do you prefer? pt 2
d. I like neutrals as well as soft and delicate colors. I like simplistic colors such as mid to light tones of grays and blue. Whites and blacks. I'm also drawn to earthy colors.f. Pastels and soft colors, not too bold. I like girly, delicate colors such as soft pinks, blues, taupes.f. I like mixing all kinds of colors together. For me, it's more about creating an eye-popping combo. Soft with bold. Neutrals with brights. But I have a thing for bold, fun colors such as purple, electric blue and hot pink. I also like rich, deep colors.

Question 8.

Black pumps are considered to be every fashionista's core closet essentials. 

What's YOUR interpretation of the black pump?
Fashion Style Quiz - What's your personal interpretation of the Black Pumps? 
Fashion Style Quiz - What's your personal interpretation of the Black Pumps? pt 2

Calculate Your Answers

Now count how many A's, B's and so on you selected from each question.
If the result is a tie; or if you've scored highest on several questions - then look at these as your accent styles. 

Mostly A's = Classic

Mostly B's = Trendy

Mostly C's = Dramatic

Mostly D's = Natural

Mostly E's = Romantic

Mostly F's = Creative