March 25, 2015



In the immortal words of Vogue, "Who didn't get bitten by the Seventies bug this season?" From Pucci prints to flower power, it's all hot for Spring/Summer 2015 - but this blast from the past isn't stopping folk stylings and flares. A new revival in feminism is on the agenda too. Fashion, after all, is fickle by nature - and feminism is far too critical a cause to forsake like last year's ombre and peplum tops. So, what's all the fuss about?

Fashion doesn't just benefit society's most fortunate females. Ethical initiatives frequently provide women with jobs where virtually all other employment favors men. Feminism is all about women doing what makes them happy, free of pretty prejudices - whether that's wearing dresses or dungarees, working with lipsticks or laser-pointers. Fashion, like any major industry, might have its flaws. For lots of us, though, it's just fun, and we shouldn't be judged for that - especially not by women who should be supporting, not slating, their sisters.

Summarized from the words of Jenny Skipper.