Kim Kardashian

March 30, 2015


Who doesn't know a thing when it comes to this reality tv princess, Kim Kardashian - also known as Mrs. Kanye West? From her uniform body-pressed dresses from Herve Ledger tight, which she had traded for designer clothes... here is why I think Kim K deserves the title of 'style icon'.

1. She really knows how to wear all white.
2. ... And all black.
3. Everything she wears is impeccably tailored.
4. She really knows her best assets.
5. When she does wear color, she does it very well.
6. She made the midriff chic.
7. She does monochromatic extremely well.
8. When she shows cleavage, it's almost always classy.
9. She knows minimalistic accessories can go a long way.
10. She's got curves, and she's an expert at highlighting them.

Images from Cosmopolitan.