March 26, 2015


When I stepped into the city of Oxford, I instantly knew I was going to fall in love with the town! Oxford has a lot of offer. Two of them include beauty and history. After all, that's where they shot Harry Potter, right?

The University of Oxford pretty much occupied the whole town. There were churches, halls, university buildings. And oh, the view from St. Mary's Church's tower clock was breathtaking. Not forgetting how the photogenic the location was, I did a usual #outfitoftheday picture with my all black ensemble: black leather biker jacket and trousers from Zara and my Diane von Furstenberg ballerina flats, which I teamed up with a splash of neutral colors using my H&M wool scarf and a beige postman bag from Coach.

Overall, my trip to Oxford has been one of the best trips I have taken this year so far, possibly one of the best trips in my entire life. I am really glad I went.