American Horror Story

June 24, 2015

Dress: Stella McCartney.
Dress: Forever New, Stella McCartney.
Blouse: H&M. Dress: Red Valentino.
Dress: Forever New, Stella McCartney.
Top: vintage fur jacket. Skirt: Balmain.
Top: vintage fur jacket. Skirt: Balmain.

Dress: Martha Gunawan.

American Horror Story. To be frank, the first time I heard my super talented photographer friend Reinhardt Kenneth mentioned something about it - I was immediately creeped out! But after thinking about it for a while, I gained some interest on doing our own version slash interpretation of the super famous TV series, American Horror Story

In this shoot, we tried to embody the infamous Salem witch trials. What does it feel to be so powerful yet trapped? You know they were killed because of their powers or maybe their not-so-successful attempt at witchcraft, right. But personally for me, this shoot was much more about showing #girlpower such as, how do females cope with the existing and very visible gender inequality in this world whereas they have so much to give, so much to inspire, so much of their opinions to be vocalized!!!

Overall, it was an exciting shoot to do despite the crazy weather! I was very pleased to work with a very talented photographer as well as model. It was a new, enriching experience!

Photographer: Reinhardt Kenneth.
Model: Nicole King.
Stylist: Nadia Nathania.