Nike Air Max

July 5, 2015


For so long, I have been a sucker for the black and white Nike Roshe Run. I have been using the black and white Nike Roshe Run for indoor activities in the gym such as BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, and ZUMBA. After using my pair for over six months, I feel like they are more suitable to be used for outdoors activities. So I decided to buy a pair of Nike Air Max and use them to go to the gym. 

Here is my review of the Nike Air Max that I bought over a week ago.

Nike Air Max's minimalist upper and slimmed-down outsole creates an incredibly light, flexible and comfortable pair of shoes. Apart from that, I think it is going to be durable due to its comfortable use and very versatile style that gives a long-lasting cool modern look.

I highly recommend you to buy the Nike Air Max pair if you love going to the gym like I do and also, if you love doing workout activities such as aero-boxing, weight lifting and zumba.