GARUDA by Diana Couture at Couture Fashion Week New York

September 28, 2015

The ad campaign for 'GARUDA' by Diana Couture shot by Reinhardt Kenneth in Times Square, New York.

The runway photos from the "GARUDA" by Diana Couture fashion show.

September is January in fashion. September is when magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle publish their biggest issue of the year. It is also the time for the fashion crowd to gather for events like Fashion Night Out or Fashion Week whether in New York, Paris, London or elsewhere.

Earlier this September, the Couture Fashion Week was held in New York. During the Couture Fashion Week New York designers present their Spring/Summer ’16 collection. Just like the kids who go to back to school every September, these designers’ collections are probably comparable to students’ exams but graded not only by the best of the best in the fashion industry but also by the eyes of fashion followers and style stalkers – needless to say, probably people all around the world.

Diana Putri awarded as the best designer during the Couture Fashion Week New York.

During the Couture Fashion Week New York, one of the designers who presented her collection at the event was Diana Putri who presented her Diana Couture collection entitled ‘GARUDA’. The designer presented her work on September 11, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel New York, which is based on Indonesia’s national symbol that is the iconic mythical bird ‘GARUDA’.

Diana Putri has certainly surprised everyone by being the only Asian as well as Indonesian designer to represent her couture collection at the Couture Fashion Week New York. Moreover, she has then embodied the concept of ‘GARUDA’ herself by astounding the eyes of the world how she has taken flight and achieved the award of the best designer during the Couture Fashion Week New York due to her stunning collection inspired by the iconic Garuda. To add, the designer’s fashion photographer son, Reinhardt Kenneth, of The Photographic Sense has also congratulated her on his Instagram stating, ‘After triumphantly wining over designers from all over the globe, she proofs that she is more than an artist, she is a visionary to the fashion industry and she holds a piece of history with her.’

Diana Putri’s triumph during the Couture Fashion Week New York has certainly elevated the fashion industry into a whole new level as well as made Indonesia proud of the achievements she has been awarded. 

The ad campaign pictures shot by Reinhardt Kenneth prior to the Couture Fashion Week New York.
Dresses by Diana Couture.
Photos by Reinhardt Kenneth.