Seasons in the Sun

October 5, 2015

Meet the crew whom I share my laughters and tears with. They're awesome! x

Just today I went to a plantation that is located about 100 miles away from where I currently study. The flower fields were extremely beautiful. Although, the sun wasn't shining...but that didn't stop my friends and I from exploring the place.

I decided to wear an outfit that's comfy but also still considered to be fashionable. So there I was in my Zara knitwear sweater which I layered with my new Zara faux leather jacket. I matched them with my Primark shorts because I didn't want to feel hot during the outing (the weather turned out quite chilly). As for the shoes, I went with my Nike Air Max pir because I knew I wouldn't survive in either flats or ankle boots. Yep...that's about it.