All I Want For Christmas Is You

December 24, 2015

Dress: ASOS. 
Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!

Christmas is usually a very festive time of the year but its meaning is different for everyone. What is Christmas for you? I know that some of you are excited for the huge discounts (especially during boxing day *shoutout to those who are in the UK*) so you can go shop until you drop, perhaps. I know others are excited for opening presents, etc. 

This year, I am very blessed that I get to go home for Christmas and celebrate it with my family. I mean, what would Christmas be without spending it with your loved ones? I am also excited that during the month of December, I get to dress up for a lot of events like Christmas events, parties, services and so on so I decided to pair my red ASOS body-fitting dress with my BCBG Generation high-heeled sandals for a Christmas celebration last Sunday.

Anyways, I just want to wish you all a happy, merry Christmas. Have fun and make sure you stay tuned because I will update lots of travel posts when I get back to you after New Year's Day! Bye for now.


  1. You look incredible! The dress is so simple but the colour is so stunning, hope you have a good Christmas :)

  2. Hey Nadia I just know that you own your own website wkwkwkw its a nice and simple site.
    You got a lovely dress there hahaha it fits you well dont forget to use it again this sunday if your going to Ica

  3. for beginners like me need a lot of reading and searching for information on various blogs. and articles that you share a very nice and inspires me .


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