Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

January 14, 2016


If you're a big fan of traveling or James Bond, you must at least know what kind of place Ha Long Bay is...from online platforms like Instagram or travel websites or maybe, Tomorrow Never Dies, the 007 movie that was shot in Ha Long Bay.

Last December, I had the opportunity to travel together with my family to Ha Long Bay. It was one of the most spectacular places I have ever visited in the world. To be honest, I have been dreaming to go to this place since I was seven or eight years old - about the time my dad showed me the beautiful scene shot in the 007 movie starring Pierce Brosnan. Ever since then, Ha Long Bay has become one of the number one priorities on my bucket list.

Not trying to boast over here, but I was fortunate enough to visit other famous places (which probably are the #1s in most people's bucket lists) like places in London, the Big Ben, Hyde Park, etc... as well as places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Pearl Tower, Victoria Harbour or even the Great Wall (maybe... if you're into traveling in Asia). But really, being in Ha Long Bay - I felt incredibly humbled and blessed. If you've noticed, this is probably the first post ever for me to feature a picture or share a glimpse of my family to my readers. I realized that moment I stepped onto the little boat in Ha Long Bay and as the person who drove the boat took us around the beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay - that being rich is not defined by wealth or accumulated by tangible items that we own. Being rich...is about being grateful for what you have, and yes I am grateful for my parents who both are still alive and healthy, and a lot of other things in life.

Long story short...I really wish that anyone of you can visit Ha Long Bay one day. It is wonderful and peaceful and definitely gives you the time to reflect back to all of the things that you have in life. And I'm sure...you will be able to realize how blessed you are!