Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Review

March 19, 2016


Everyone is wondering how I got my hands on my Pirate Black Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s...Truth to be told, if it wasn't because of my friend's help, I wouldn't have gotten it.

So, I've had these babies for over a month now which makes perfect sense to make a review of it now.

The quality for these shoes is very good (the suede on the shoes are better than most of my other sneakers), meaning the value of money for buying these yeezys are worth it. I decided to buy a pair of the Pirate Black yeezys because I want these shoes to last longer than the trend itself. I bought size 6.5 which was a half size bigger than my actual foot size but thank goodness to Stop & Go in Indonesia, I have a little patch inside to make them perfectly fit my feet.

Overall, these shoes are very comfortable to use. The design is chic and very cool hip-hop -ish like but style it elevates your every day style. 

Too bad, I can't really give you guys the how-to-buy or where-to-get them yeezys kind of tips or tricks because I got them via my friend as well...but if you know how, I really recommend these shoes! They are worth it. Full stop.