By The Sea

June 10, 2016


Although doomed to be one of the most boring films in 2015, the visually stunning By The Sea did not fail to capture my attention. I was mostly drawn to how the film is made into an artwork of costume and interior design. By The Sea was a collaboration between actress Angelina Jolie and costume designer Ellen Mirojnick.

Mirojnick styled Hollywood's favorite power couple to be the French Riviera's most glamorous couple. Doing the wardrobe for the film, Mirojnick is no stranger to dressing glamazon characters. Everything was practically ready-made for the film. The film didn't do vintage clothes but there were a few exceptions, including the oversize YSL sunglasses and Louis Vuitton bag. The movie was to create a classic feel but it wasn't supposed to look like a '70s period piece.

Looking at the how glamorous the movie was style, it was no surprise that Jolie and Mirojnick made an inspiration look book for the film, which focused on movie stars and style icons including Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, and Elizabeth Taylor. Actress Mélanie Laurent who played Lea instantly fell in love with her wardrobe when she first came in for a fitting. Yes, talk about love at first sight. 

But the most beautiful element of the fashion design in the movie was that Mirojnick used color to indicate the characters' transformation. Jolie's character Vanessa wears black, white, and neutrals through much of the movie. When she warms up, she starts to dress herself with a brick-y color. The wardrobe designer also uses the silhouettes to show the main character becoming more body-conscious as she grew more comfortable with herself.

Movie stills from By The Sea.