June 30, 2016


One of my latest styling projects "LAPINDOnesia" that I collaborated with photographer Reinhardt Kenneth from The Photographic Sense, Nora from R2M Models Management and make-up artist Shelley Suryadarma - is a deeply emotional and very personal one.

For those who don't know how the infamous Lapindo mud or in Indonesian, we call it with a little bit of an alliteration twist to it – “Lumpur Lapindo” has caused thousand of innocent lives to perish under horrible living circumstances. You can check it out on this link (click here) that will lead you to Lapindo mud's Wikipedia page for more information on how things went down.

You might not say that I was or still am directly affected by the mud flow but the first most immediate reason is that growing up, I used to pass the highway that now the mud covers to go out of town for a road trip, probably every weekend. But since then, my family and I were afraid to go because under those circumstances, we didn't know how badly the mud would erupt. 

Another reason why this is very personal is because all of us involved in the project is because we are all Indonesians and come from Surabaya, which is a city that surrounds the mud flow which is located in Sidoarjo - not far away from where we live. Going down to the location at first to check out the possibility to do a photo shoot there was terribly heartbreaking. Kenneth, myself and our driver was taken by some men who were head of the villages that drowned because of the mud. The men told us about everything that their family have suffered for at least, the past 10 years. Not having a home, not having shelter, having missing family members who probably was "absorbed" by the mud flow, so on, so on...

We just hope that this project would be able to give those people the voice that they probably don't have or is taken away from them. All of us involved in LAPINDOnesia are blessed that our art work, be it photography, styling, hair and make-up or modeling, has been exhibited in Cinque Terre in Italy as well as in Times Square in New York City in the United States. Our wish is that people would realize how important humanity is. Not only humanity, but also about the appreciation that humans have to show to mother nature because it doesn't need us but we need her.

Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth
Hair & Make-up: Shelley Suryadarma
Styling: Nadia Nathania
Talent: Nora Alung from R2M Models Management
Dresses: Diana Couture
Wings: G.Liem
Mermaid Tail: Fun Fin Mermaid