HER-cules editorial feature on HUF magazine

August 25, 2016


In our modern world today, you would think that the society is equal, that it is no more a man’s world and that the belief of equality is already implemented in people’s mind. But think again… the reactions that the people give to alpha females like Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou or other modern-day Joan of Arc-like female figures are, sadly, most of the time still negative. Joan of Arc was punished for the likes of "witchcraft" in the sense of intuition, and dressing in a more masculine but technical way as she was a warrior. Instead of treating these strong women with the dignity and respect they deserve, the world sees them as how they once saw the powerful witches of Salem as a threat not a community asset. It is also unfortunate that alpha females are depicted as aliens who have a possibility to invade the earth. Throughout our work photo shoot, our team is probably just another bunch of creative people who are producing a work of art, hoping to once again remind the society of equality between both genders. The title "HER-cules" shows how a Her can overpower even the power of hercules with passion, love, and hard work. However, what is different this time is that we are using an everyday platform such as fashion and an editorial spread in a fashion magazine to inspire the society that the attire we wear may be an expression of identity but it is also our armor of showing that men and women both dress up, both should be able to read if handed over with an issue of Vogue, both work and get the same salary, bottom line... men are equal to women. We are one. The Brief, being "The Future Belongs to the Outsiders" takes a feminist view on women empowerment in a glamorous sense. That the feminine can be depicted as strong as it's studs but also as delicate as it's motion chiffon. That a modern day HER-cules really can battle in her 6-inch heels. 

Overall, this shoot was amazing. I don't think no other words can explain what an honor it is to be part of this and to work with a dream team of the best, most artistic and creative people in each of their own field. I can only say thank you for trusting me as the art/creative director!

Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth
Art direction: Nadia Nathania
Hair & Make-up: Shelley Suryadarma
Nail Art: Kiky Handoko
Styling: Julius Toh
Wardrobe: Diana Couture
Accessories: G. Liem
Model: Herra Eya