Introduction: Nadia Nathania & Her Breakthroughs

July 8, 2018

Hi! As many of you have known, my name is Nadia Nathania. A few of my followers on Instagram have asked me, what is it that I really do? I was shocked that one time a few people thought that I was a photographer. I'm not, by the way. LOL. So I’m writing to give you a little background of what I used to do and what I currently do.

The best way to find out a little about me is through my LinkedIn profile. But in short, I’m currently working as a fashion stylist under Niel Dimitrij and I also help him manage his  company's finances for #STYLEWITHDIMITRIJ and his clothing line that's launching later this month, DANSON. The rest, you can check on my LinkedIn profile

In 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English Language and Literature from the University of Nottingham. I straightaway continued my higher education and graduated with a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management the following year from the same university. I always knew that I wanted to do a master's but I was thinking of going to work before doing it, but my parents were a big factor in why I chose to do my master's straightaway. Long story short, I wanted to work in fashion because since my early years, I’ve always had an interest for fashion, and the creative industry but my dad felt like having a master's will attract more employers who want to hire me. But with the economy being like what it is right now, having master's ended up making me look over-qualified yet inexperienced. But anyways, I knew that if employers weren't going to give me a job, I might as well create an opportunity for myself. So here's a few pictures below so that you can get to know me better. 

At my master's graduation.

Style & Concept by Niel Dimitrij, assisted by me. Photographed by Jiang Vivienne. Make up by Elisa Han. Muse: Lydia Rekwandani (left), Malvava (right).
Style & Concept by Niel Dimitrij, assisted by me. Photographed by Jiang Vivienne. Make up by Elisa Han. Muse: Malvava (left), Lydia Rekwandani (left).
For those who are curious, I grew up in Surabaya, Indonesia - born and raised (so yes, I do have that Surabaya accent) - before I left for China in 2013, and then Hong Kong, England, and back to China…and then to Malaysia to work in property before I decided that it wasn't my passion so I decided to go back to Indonesia, in 2018. 5 years and 5 different countries. I've been really blessed and I am grateful for all the opportunities that the universe has given me. 
Anti-mainstream picture at my favorite spot in Shanghai, China - where the French concession is. A lot of nice bakery and coffee shops in that area.

My MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management classmates and I.

My favorite view in the whole world. Taken by my iPhone 6.

Went to Oxford during Spring and this was too beautiful to be true, honestly. 

Me and my best friend Nicole enjoying too much British tea afternoons and all the cakes. I didn't take so much pictures of me when I was in the UK. I was too shy because I gained a ton of weight and wasn't killing it on camera. Obviously, I didn't know how to contour before. But then again, I regretted that and I should have just loved myself. #selflovemuch

During my master’s program, I joined a program called the Advanced Living Series from Milestone Trainings. I was living in China at that time, attending the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus and my Nottingham senior enrolled me to this program. I remember he called me one day, and he said, “With only RM 2,500 your life will change! Would you like to join Discovery Training as a part of the Advanced Living Series?” 

I was stunned, I was thinking, What on earth is going on? Did he join a multi-level marketing company? He didn’t stop right there, he asked for my email which without a doubt I gave to him, the moment he asked for it. He sent me some files, which I like to call a survey / questionnaire that made me think what I really wanted in life. I was 21, I was doing my master’s degree - I felt like the smartest girl on earth, what could be wrong with my life such that I had to go for such a training to improve myself? I felt like I was set out to go and conquer the world. 

But I decided to go anyways…I thought, maybe, there’s something that this Milestone Trainings thing could teach me that my university can’t. And yes, I was right - Milestone Trainings taught me about life. It was the school of life. I received so many learnings about life, how I handle different situations, how I’ve been personally showing up in both personal and professional contexts, so on so forth. Since the first time I walked into Milestone Trainings for Discovery Training, I’ve experienced so many breakthroughs - some of those that even when I look back today, I go like, “Wait…I did that?”

Here’s a 3 biggest things that I genuinely believe that I would not have been able to do without being equipped by the lessons I learned during the ALS program.

1. Have a tremendously improved relationship with my parents and almost everybody else. I was the biggest, most righteous bitch I know and a lot of people didn’t click with me. I played the victim and blamed it on their behavior rather than checking on myself and see what is it that I did - that caused the situation to be the way that it was. 

2. Be vulnerable, and be open to feedback - which has enhanced my career so much. I remember before ALS, I was easily angered with feedback, but now I know that feedback is just neutral information and because of this I now can read a business situation where I can see three things: 1) What’s working. 2) What’s not working. 3) What’s next. I hold on to these three things so much and it has helped my career so much as a fashion stylist just in 3 months.

3. Be risking. I always sticked to the belief system, the culture, religion, the “oh-so-right norms” of the society - doing things that other people did. So whatever idea I had that didn’t feel “right” to be done, I didn’t do. I so desperately wanted to fit in that both in business and personal life, I had no “unique selling proposition” as you call it, marketing wise. I was stiff with the rules, too - I would get so frustrated if I had plan A B C D E then it was changed to E D B A C - even though the end result would probably be the same. And it got me into a lot of arguments with my ex co-founder (I was very entrepreneurial since my early years but never clicked with any of my ex co-founders - I guess we know the reason why now). 

Bottom line….it was the smartest decision I’ve ever made - and the best money I’ve ever invested in my life. I paid everything myself, you know, from the trainings to the plane tickets (I got a scholarship from the Ningbo Government that I originally was going to use to buy a Honda HRV but I changed my mind). 

It was also perfect timing, I was in my last semester of my master’s degree and as you know that the gap between leaving school and starting work is honestly the most confusing time of anybody’s life. Having previously joined ALS before I graduated my master’s really helped me to identify the opportunities that were waiting for me and clarified what I was looking for in a job, or what I wanted as a long-term career. And I guess that’s it - here I am, getting paid to do the things that I love (involving writing a blog post every once in a while, playing with clothes, meeting new people almost every now and then, directing/assisting photoshoots, making marketing strategies) no complaints at all…but seriously, ask yourself - don’t you want to make money and do the things that you love so much at the same time? 

Me and my crazy Legacy 52 family.
Life is what you make it...if you want something to happen, then you go make it happen. Don't sit around and wait...get up and do it.

I hope this post has given you a little bit background about myself...I also hope that my learnings have been useful and be a blessing to you!