Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

July 2, 2018


Have you ever heard of the terms: “fast fashion” and “slow fashion” before?

Maybe yes, or maybe no.

So…let’s get right into it. What’s the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion?

By definition:

Fast fashion are low-cost clothing collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends. While slow fashion recognizes the impact that clothing can make on society. Clothing companies practicing ethical manufacturing ensure the workers making their clothes are in a safe-working environment and paid fairly.

I started venturing and looking around Indonesian brands since I got back from living abroad. Before I left Indonesia, I used to have zero appreciation for Indonesian brands – thinking that most of them are replicating designs of international brands. However, I changed my way of thinking that actually when I buy something local, I support real families, real local workers…

And I’m really thankful to have met Harumi Davita, creative director of a local brand BOBABABE as she has explained to me that BOBABABE practices slow fashion. When I buy clothes from their store, I feel good because I know that my money’s going to help the workers’ families and I feel great to be wearing something that is made in my home country, my hometown – Surabaya.

So in the end, it’s back to the choices that we make. We choose what we put on.
Look at it this way, when you buy from a fast fashion brand, in Indonesia – they’re actually pretty expensive because these items have gone through the customs, and they’re taxed. But when you buy something local, the price has less tax in it and you can still contribute and make a difference just by shopping.